LOA Promoter



If you’d like to earn some easy additional income + FREE garments, join our affiliation program!

We credit 10%+ of all sales generated via your discount code on all HIGH END purchase + LOA products. Additionally we provide you with FREE LOA products for your support just for reposting on your social media stories and facebook post shares.

How it works

1: First of all we’ll add you to our promoter WhatsApp list and send out photos every 1-2 days  

2: How to earn commissions + FREE LOA products 

  • Instagram: Re share our latest post to your story whilst captioning “use code “your name” for 10% off!  - you’ll receive 1 point 
  • Snapchat: post our photo to your Snapchat story with a swipe up link to our website lion-of-ace.co.uk, again swipe up “use code “your name” for 10% off!  - you’ll receive 1 point 
  • Facebook: share our latest post on your timeline and again caption use code your name ‘use code “your name” for 10% off!’ Lion-of-ace.co.uk - you’ll receive 1 point

3: FREE LOA ITEM - Once you total 10 points you’ll receive a FREE surprise LOA item posted to you - just cover £2.50 shipping 

3A: After receiving your first FREE LOA Item your points system begins again from 0  and you then move onto the next required points bracket for your next free FREE LOA item 

3B: Points bracket 

  • 10 points = FREE ITEM > restart 
  • 12 points = FREEE ITEM > restart
  • 14 points = FREEE ITEM > restart
  • 16 points = FREEE ITEM > restart
  • 18 points = FREEE ITEM > restart
  • 20 points = FREEE ITEM > restart
  • You'll then restart at 10 points again for your next FREE LOA item and climb up the bracket ladder again  

Please note: 

  • Don’t forget to screenshot posts and save the photos as we require you to send all screenshots of your posts to us on WhatsApp before shipping out your FREE LOA item
  • 1 post per day on each platform
  • You can post the same post on multiple platforms in the same day to accumulate quicker points for example: Monday, you post on Instagram story, Snapchat story, and Facebook share you’ll accumulate 3 points. 

4: Whenever your code is used at check out you’ll receive an automatic email to confirm your sale! We’ll then pay out your commission on the 28th of each month to your PayPal or bank account 

5: Rank up your commission! You can can increase your commission over time the more sales you generate!

  • After 5 sales = move up to 12% commission 
  • After 10 sales = move up to 14% commission 
  • After 15 sales = move up to 16% commission 
  • After 20 sales = move up to 18% commission 
  • After 25 sales  move up to = 20% commission 


  • You'll then restart at 10% again and work your way up the commission system and so on.

5A: This also applies on our HIGH END products, for example if a sale of £270 is

made via your code (average price of our high end) then you’ll receive a minimum £27 judging you’re in the 10% bracket) 

6: Refer your friends to join the affiliation system and you’ll automatically receive 5 points towards your next FREE LOA item.

6A: All promoters will receive 25% off all items on the LOA website including HIGH END! Just contact us and we'll provide you with a 1 off discount code

6B: Males + Females of all background welcome 

7: Create your LOA promoter account here and access your discount code NOW to start earning money and your FREE LOA ITEMS!


8: Join the WhatsApp group here and quote “Hi I just signed up as a promoter, please can you add me to the broadcast list”